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Funding service

With the help of our experts and GrantedAI, a series of positive funding decisions are built for your growth company. The funding search serves when you want to focus on your core activities while ensuring maximum utilization of public funds and loans in the coming years.”


The market’s most advanced tool for public funding is now available as an affordable SaaS product. GrantedAI helps your company identify the most suitable grants, remove financing barriers, plan your finances, and stay up-to-date with available funding opportunities

GrantedAI Advanced

GrantedAI Advanced is a tool professional tool designed for public funding experts, business developers, and other finance industry professionals to assist their clients effectively in high-quality finance planning.

”It was surprising how smoothly this process is executed when you really know what you’re doing. The service was knowledgeable, and Grants was always reachable whenever needed.” Ilari Kinnunen, AlpaFinlandia Oy

”With the help of Grants, things were handled professionally and extremely smoothly from our perspective. They created a funding plan for us from the beginning, which allowed us to proceed without worries.”

Rainer Mannersuo, AT-Air Oy

”We have been collaborating for several years with extreme success. In the first phase, we applied for Tempo financing, and in the second phase, we secured Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support.”

Eero Tilsala, Suomen Biovoima Oy

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We have had the privilege of helping over a thousand growth companies. We continue our work to make the application process so easy that it brings a smile on your face.